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Tuesday, January 16, 2018


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Chivalry Lives!

The receipt of a mysterious letter from her old friend Elizabeth finds Julianne at a turning point of her life. Living off her savings that are running out and having no success with interviews, the letter of invitation intrigues her with curiosity. She follows the directions from Elizabeth and visits Grammercy Park looking for a bench to sit upon, and there her adventure through time begins.
Lynn Kurland is an amazing storyteller and binds each story through connections to family and friends. The story of Time continues through generations and leaves you wanting and waiting for the next adventure!
A favorite author who weaves a dream into life!

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Friday, October 6, 2017

Where the Adventures Begin!

Come Inside and Travel with Me, Back to Once Upon A Time...Z


Welcome to Fall!


I'm Back! I've finally took a vacation and I spent the summer by the pool  reading dozens of books. I posted pictures, quotes, and short videos on my social sites through out summer, but I confess, I was more interested in reading an adventure and daydreaming with the clouds, as I floated around the clear blue water. Peace on the Water, I can always find myself there.


Now, I am recharged and it's back to taking care of business and posting new material on Onceuponatime.enterprises.



Daydreaming let me comtemplate new thoughts and ideas on my pursuits and directions. Taking the time to think about "things" instead of having

dozens of thoughts crowded in my head, I now know where I want to go.

I am making changes and taking names, LOL! Thank you for stopping by!



***Watch for the new additions to the blog and check out my links, I'd love to know what you think, reach out and connect with me!

There will, of course, be alot of new posts from my summer of reading books on Book Reviews by ZetaZoo.