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Monday, October 1, 2012

Greetings to any would be followers, readers, or interested parties! LOL! Okay, so maybe it's just for me and I'm okay with that. Love the Fall season and doing my nesting thing and settling the household for a long winter's nap. I'll miss you summer but know we will meet again next year!
Here is where I am this due date of OCTOBER 1st on my writing. Working on the 2nd part of my novel, on chapters 9-16. Hard going since the middle is the meat of the story. Dealing with outside interferences as well, that keep pulling me away....Have had to extend deadline to be due November 1st so cheer me on as I complete the last 4 chapters and get on with it enough already! I will be closing the world out for the next month and will celebrate on Halloween! That's the plan anyway...Happy Fall Days to All! Light your fire and enjoy the warmth!

p.s. I still sneak in time to read...shhh! 4 books lately by:  Sandra Brown / JD Robb aka Nora Roberts / Judith Michael / Lynn Kurland--Check out these great storytellers!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

July was spent writing the 1st third of my novel. Submitted 8 chapters to my instructor and had excellent feedback on what was good and helpful tips on what I might revise and what errors I made. The errors were few but I seem to keep making them throughout, keep my focus on the present tense and main character viewpoint. I get carried away and begin telling in past tense and put another character's view in. So, August has been spent on trying to get the next 8 chapters, 2nd part, middle is critical to escalation of my story and I keep falling into writer blocks and procrastinating. I have read consistently and that's where I spend my procrastination at. Fun but not productive other than thinking about story approaches that will help mine flow better maybe...I just read the best trilogy by Lynn Kurland. Novels of the Nine Kingdoms: Star of the Morning:The Mage's Daughter:The Princess and the Sword! Love her writing want more of her books! Fantasy intrigues me as myth and legend has some basis in truth for them to begin and retold! Back to work for me my deadline is end of September and I have aloooong way to go! Read On, Z.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Okay, so where have I been, everywhere doing everything, but keeping up my monthly blog!  Still writing the 1st 3rd of my book and 20,000 words are due and I:m at 10,000 so time to step it up! Time is ticking down to my deadline.tic.tic.tic... Working 2 part time jobs and taking classes too, I seem to be overloading myself once again but hey got to make some money and keep my story alive! The housework is sufering for my art though! LOL! Hope your summer is great fun and blessed with joy! I'll get back to posting regular soon.

p.s. my few minutes of snatched free time are still with my nose in a great book, if only that was all I had to do, its where I'd want to be:) LOL

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Where or where have I been...caught up in this crazy world we are living in of course! LOL! Working/Training new part time job, thats a good thing! Writing and meeting deadlines are my next priority and have plotted detailed outline for all 24 chapters! yeah! and "I like where its going and my Instructor does too" Working on 1st third of manuscript, need to finish Ch. 1-8 by end of May so going slow for me right now. Reading for enjoyment when ever I can squeeze time in. Just finished "One Magic Moment" by Lynn Kurland and loved historical romance of time travel and introduction to a Family Series on the di Pigaet's. Will be looking for more reads from her! Couldn't put it down! Happy Reading & Writing! blessings, z. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Busy as always, so much I want to do and so fast my days go by...Story Progress: Synopsis complete; basic outline complete; Writing the first few chapters with lead in and scene setting  for story flow, using a couple sentences to describe remaining chapters that follow my outline. The hardest part is working on getting the dialogue the way I want...Have a deadline for March and have to stop wasting time....you know thats the most valuable thing any of us spends and you can't get back what you squander...spend every moment doing well what you enjoy in life and let your imaginations soar! blessings,zz.