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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Okay, so where have I been, everywhere doing everything, but keeping up my monthly blog!  Still writing the 1st 3rd of my book and 20,000 words are due and I:m at 10,000 so time to step it up! Time is ticking down to my deadline.tic.tic.tic... Working 2 part time jobs and taking classes too, I seem to be overloading myself once again but hey got to make some money and keep my story alive! The housework is sufering for my art though! LOL! Hope your summer is great fun and blessed with joy! I'll get back to posting regular soon.

p.s. my few minutes of snatched free time are still with my nose in a great book, if only that was all I had to do, its where I'd want to be:) LOL