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Saturday, August 18, 2012

July was spent writing the 1st third of my novel. Submitted 8 chapters to my instructor and had excellent feedback on what was good and helpful tips on what I might revise and what errors I made. The errors were few but I seem to keep making them throughout, keep my focus on the present tense and main character viewpoint. I get carried away and begin telling in past tense and put another character's view in. So, August has been spent on trying to get the next 8 chapters, 2nd part, middle is critical to escalation of my story and I keep falling into writer blocks and procrastinating. I have read consistently and that's where I spend my procrastination at. Fun but not productive other than thinking about story approaches that will help mine flow better maybe...I just read the best trilogy by Lynn Kurland. Novels of the Nine Kingdoms: Star of the Morning:The Mage's Daughter:The Princess and the Sword! Love her writing want more of her books! Fantasy intrigues me as myth and legend has some basis in truth for them to begin and retold! Back to work for me my deadline is end of September and I have aloooong way to go! Read On, Z.