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Monday, October 1, 2012

Greetings to any would be followers, readers, or interested parties! LOL! Okay, so maybe it's just for me and I'm okay with that. Love the Fall season and doing my nesting thing and settling the household for a long winter's nap. I'll miss you summer but know we will meet again next year!
Here is where I am this due date of OCTOBER 1st on my writing. Working on the 2nd part of my novel, on chapters 9-16. Hard going since the middle is the meat of the story. Dealing with outside interferences as well, that keep pulling me away....Have had to extend deadline to be due November 1st so cheer me on as I complete the last 4 chapters and get on with it enough already! I will be closing the world out for the next month and will celebrate on Halloween! That's the plan anyway...Happy Fall Days to All! Light your fire and enjoy the warmth!

p.s. I still sneak in time to read...shhh! 4 books lately by:  Sandra Brown / JD Robb aka Nora Roberts / Judith Michael / Lynn Kurland--Check out these great storytellers!