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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Learning to Use Psychic Abilities

Path Of The Psion: Ultimate Guide To Learning Psychic AbilitiesPath Of The Psion: Ultimate Guide To Learning Psychic Abilities by Adam Dasuwatto
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Psychic –Path of the Psion Ultimate Guide to Learning Psychic Abilities
By Adam Dasuwatto
At first, the introduction was difficult to follow. The terminology is more for an advanced student not a beginner like me. Even though I know word origins and meanings, the concept of the terms eluded me at this stage. I kept reading and the first five chapters take you through the lessons you must master before moving further into the advance chapters and lessons. I found myself visualizing as I read subconsciously, and experienced dizziness and nauseous that was also reported by his beta testers. Successful at beginning visualization techniques and exciting! The author gives specific examples and instructs the methods that have been successful and warning of correct ways to use psychic mediums.
I have read through for this review but I interpret the book as a guide or a handbook in learning each level and advancing to the next level. Level one will take a lot of practice and patience and I may never master it. Some people are more open and have a genetic disposition or family history of psychic events, premonitions, visions, sixth sense, and superstitions. I think everyone has experienced some type of psychic event in their life. There are stories of amazing feats of strength occurring in an emergency, like a father who lifted a car of his son, pinned beneath, a feeling or intuition that something is wrong and by paying attention someone is saved. There are those with religious beliefs of the laying on of hands, healing hands, prayers, and silently sending positive energy to a loved one, like to your child competing in an event “Go! Go! Go!”
There are many psychic examples of healing hands and focusing our energy and projecting to others. Everything is energy and learning to harness it and focus it for good would be a great skill to learn and master. This guide to learning is a journey in focusing any physic abilities you have and harnessing your skills. It is going to take a long time for some of us, be prepared to practice.
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I received this book for free. A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.
Path Of The Psion: Ultimate Guide To Learning Psychic Abilities Path Of The Psion Ultimate Guide To Learning Psychic Abilities by Adam Dasuwatto

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